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How to Edit Your Teacher Page

Check out this guide to help you edit your teacher page. Note: You must be logged in to the website to make any edits. (How Do I Log In to the Website?)

Suggested Page Content: 

Not sure what to put on your page? Keep it simple! A high-quality, professional photo of yourself (or bitmoji!), an email, and a little bit about yourself is the perfect way for parents and students to get to know you. Try to keep information "evergreen," or information that doesn't have to be updated too often. 

ex. "Welcome to the 2021 school year!" vs. "Welcome to my class!" 

ex. "I have been teaching for 21 years." vs "I have been teaching since 2001." 

Do NOT add:

  • Your own font or colors. This makes it easy on the eyes for everyone reading your page!
  • PDFs, unless they are ADA accessible
  • Word Docs or Google Docs, unless they are ADA accessible.
  • bright, flashing gifs
  • images with text that is hard to read
  • classroom information, such as assignments or quizzes

Get some inspiration from these featured teacher pages!

*If you have any difficulties accessing or editing your page, please contact the District Webmaster