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Introducing Our New Interactive Learning Environment

Students do math games with Lu playgroundWe are excited to announce the launch of the new Lü Interactive learning environment in each of our 21 elementary schools. Mann Elementary School is the first to receive this new technology that brings movement into learning. This new system will be installed over the summer and will be available in all of our elementary schools for the 2023-2024 school year. 

Students at Mann Elementary had the opportunity to test out the system during an open house, where they played interactive and educational games on a screen projected on the gym wall. 

“These tools empower teachers to engage and motivate students, and help them grow emotionally, intellectually, and physically,” states Lü, the creators of the system.

The interactive playground is also a great opportunity not only for Physical Education teachers but also for teachers and staff throughout our District. Activities in the Lü system include interactive math, reading, and spelling games, plus so much more. 

“[Students] will be actively engaged by whole body movement, which helps students with retention and memory, recall of letters, words, and math facts,” said Jan Grenko, our District’s Physical Education Coordinator. “The possibilities are endless.”

Keep an eye out for the new interactive learning environment at your student’s elementary school this upcoming school year!

See the interactive playground in action: