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Iowa City Schools Celebrate Iowa Local Food Day on Friday, October 11

Event Details: Iowa Local Food Day, October 11, 2019, celebrated at schools throughout the Iowa City Community School District
Students in the Iowa City Community School district will enjoy local, fresh foods sourced from local farmers in recognition of Iowa Local Food Day, coordinated by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship.  
Field to Family works to increase access to local food so more people K-12 schools, retirement communities, colleges and universities, hospitals and other institutions can enjoy meals grown by farmers a few miles away every day.

The Field to Family Food Hub began securing all the local orders for the Iowa City Community School District for the 2019-20 school year. Students have already enjoyed cherry tomatoes, apples, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, and zucchini this fall.

“Iowa City Schools is excited to once again partner with Field to Family to promote Iowa Local Food Day,” said Alison Demory, ICCSD Nutrition Services Director. “It's a great opportunity to teach students about where their food comes from. It's a bonus that the local options are so delicious! This year we will feature yogurt from Country View, sweet potatoes from Organic Greens, apples from Wilson's Orchard and red peppers from Red Earth Gardens.”

Field to Family has partnered with the Iowa City Community School District Nutrition Services Department to procure local foods for school lunches since 2011. This fall, Field to Family began partnering with other school districts in our region to meet the demand for local school lunch.

"It's inspiring to see the continued commitment from Farm to School leaders in our region who purchase seasonal products from farmers every year,” said Field to Family Food Hub Manager, Giselle Bruskewitz. “We are proud our Field to Family Food Hub is helping to connect more farmers to schools in the area for Local Food Day on October 11, and throughout the semester, alongside food hubs doing the same across Iowa. With the hard work of Food Service Directors, farmers and with the help of food hubs, more students get the chance to eat healthy, fresh, nutrient-dense fruit, veggies and yogurt as part of their school lunch and breakfast this fall in our public pK-12 schools. Thanks to all the farmers, district leaders, and fellow food hubs who are growing the Farm to School movement!"