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Comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan


In 2018-19, the ICCSD engaged in a strategic planning process to update the Comprehensive Equity Plan. The process was facilitated by the Equity Implemented Partnership using guiding principles and a development process that is modeled after the process the University of Iowa engaged in over the past year to create the University of Iowa’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Action Plan which was completed in April 2019. 

The guiding principles for this work are: 

  • Alignment and integration with the District Strategic Plan, Comprehensive School Improvement Planning, SIAC, and other District initiatives and programming and goals; 
  • Strengthen and augment existing accountability structures to include metrics/indicators to track progress, timelines, and responsibilities for various positions/roles 
  • Informed by District-specific data and K-12 research on implementing district-wide equity reforms; and 
  • Inclusive representation of diverse stakeholders in the decision-making process. 

As part of this process, a Comprehensive Equity Plan Development Group was selected to assist in the development of the ICCSD’s 2019-2022 Comprehensive Equity Plan. To guide this work, the group reviewed existing District goals and data, and reviewed information, themes, and suggestions that emerge from strategic interviews conducted with the ICCSD Executive Committee and Cabinet, listening sessions convened with key stakeholder groups, and public input received through two open community forums and survey responses. The membership of the Development Group included representatives from key stakeholder groups including the Board of Education, Cabinet, Department of Equity, ESC administration, elementary and secondary principals, teachers/ICEA, parents, students, the Equity Advisory Committee, and community members.

The process also included listening sessions with key stakeholders within the District (Admin Council, Cabinet, ICEA Representative Council, Board, Cultural Proficiency Team, Multi-cultural and Gender Fair Curriculum Committee, and the Development Group), open public forums, and an online survey for teachers, parents, students, and community members to provide input regarding what they think are the most important equity concerns the District should be working to address as well as provide suggestions for how the District could go about addressing these concerns. 

Finally, the process included a co-construction phase with ESC Administration Leaders and coordinated work by the ICCSD Executive Committee and Cabinet members to identify existing programs and areas of focus of all core areas of ICCSD, identification of areas of opportunity for building on existing strengths and for embedding equity considerations in current programming, and identification of current evaluation and assessment practices (including data sources and methods currently used).

Comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan 2019-2022