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Traveling Photo Exhibit Features Work by Transitions Services Center Students

Traveling Photo Exhibit Features Work by Transitions Services Center Students - Coming Spring 2019

Photos taken by students at the Transition Services Center (TSC) in Iowa City will be on display for the public to enjoy.

The photo project has been a fun experience in seeing things a new way. Students attended a 90-minute photography workshop in February, where they looked at and talked about photos to see what made them interesting, funny, scary, or moving. They talked about what details helped the viewer experience what the photographer wanted to say in a picture, and they heard tips about how to approach different subjects, from landscapes to close-ups of textures to people, including themselves.

Students then spent 10 days taking photos with their mobile phones, tablets, or cameras.  Their teachers assembled the photos, and local photographer Nikki Herbst, a member of CAPSTO (the parent-teacher-community organization supporting TSC), selected one photo from each student’s work to represent that student in the exhibit. Blick Art Materials of Iowa City put the students’ work on mats, and the photos will be mounted on display boards for the public to view.

As an added feature that makes the exhibit accessible to persons with limited or no sight, raised versions of the photos and Braille versions of the artists’ personal statements will be displayed as well. These materials were provided by Iowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired.


All members of the public are invited to enjoy the students’ photographs during this special exhibition!

Location of Exhibit TBD