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Iowa Supreme Court Opinion on Hoover Elementary Ballot Issue

The Iowa City Community School District received a unanimous opinion from the Iowa Supreme Court dismissing the Plaintiff’s case in the Hoover Elementary ballot issue litigation.  The full opinion can be found here. We are appreciative that there is definitive guidance from the Iowa Supreme Court.

The Johnson County Auditor’s Office has released the following statement regarding the November 5, 2019 election ballot:

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled today that Public Measure LY, the Hoover demolition issue, is not to appear on the ballot for the November 5, 2019 City-School Election for the Iowa City Community School District. 

Voting has been underway for two weeks and the election is only 17 days away. There is not time to re-program and re-print ballots. Ballots will be distributed as already printed, but voters should skip this public measure. Any votes already cast will not be tabulated or released.  

Voters who have already voted will not need to re-vote, since their votes cast in other contests will be counted.