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School Calendar Update and Enrollment Deadline Reminder

The Board discussed the District’s upcoming transition to a 100% on-site learning model during a special Board Meeting on February 2, 2021.  In order to better prepare for this transition, it was decided that Friday, February 12, 2021, will be a ‘no school’ day for students.  Staff will utilize this day to prepare to welcome students back to 100% on-site learning on Monday, February 15, 2021.  This includes aligning student services, building staffing plans, equipping buildings with necessary furniture, reviewing new health and safety protocols, and conducting building cleaning.  The ‘no school’ day applies to both on-site and online students and will not impact the last day of the school year this June.

Last Chance to Change Enrollment for February 15 or Trimester 3 (i.e. March 11)

Additional reminder: Today (2/3/21) is the final day to make enrollment changes for your child based on the upcoming transition to 100% on-site learning and the elimination of the District’s hybrid learning model as of February 15, 2021.  Parents have the option to enroll their child in the 100% on-site option or the 100% online option and to make this change beginning February 15, 2021, or March 11, 2021.  Full details on this transition and how to make enrollment changes for your child can be found here: Parents do not need to go into their PowerSchool accounts if they do not desire a change.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to your child’s school.