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Back-to-School Letter from Principal Harnack

The staff and teachers of Hoover Elementary School have been hard at work getting ready for our first day—and first year. We are excited to have all our new students, parents, and staff. We are dedicated to creating a learning environment that will care for and support all of our learners.

Since this will be the first time we come together in our new building, we have included some guidelines and information to make the beginning of our school year start smoothly. Also, please review the District's Elementary Handbook for additional information and guidelines. Please note the following:

School Hours

  • For our first week, some students may need to be moved to another classroom during the first week of school. This will be done to ensure an optimal learning environment for all students.
  • School hours are 7:55 AM – 2:55 PM on M, T, W, & F and 7:55 AM – 1:55 PM on TH.
  • Breakfast begins at 7:30 AM. Students are expected to be in their seats and ready to learn at 7:55. Students not eating breakfast may enter the building at 7:40.
  • In the mornings, all students will enter the building through the main entrance (bus, walkers, and car drop offs).
  • Students not eating breakfast will go directly to their classrooms.
  • Unless they are eating breakfast, students will not be allowed in the building prior to 7:40, as there is no supervision.
  • If students arrive after 7:55, they will need to be signed into the office by a parent or guardian.
  • Please see the Elementary Handbook on the District website for policy on chronic absences and late arrivals.

Parking and Drop-Off/Pick-Up

  • Please see the Hoover website ( to view our drop-off and pick-up map. The front turnaround is for buses only in the morning and afternoon. All car drop-off and pick-ups are in the main parking area.
  • Please do not park and leave your car unattended in the drop-off pick-up lanes.
  • When picking students up at the end of the day, remain in your car; your child will be brought to your vehicle.
  • Please remember: If you need to pick your child up early for an appointment, let the office and your child’s teacher know.
  • If there is a change in how your child is being picked up, please contact the office and your child’s teacher with the details.
  • There will a crossing guard at the corner of Barrington Rd. and American Legion Rd. during the morning and end of day for walkers.


  • Hoover School is a secure building. Doors are locked and we are a closed campus during school hours.
  • When visiting school you will need to “buzz in” at the front doors and enter through the main office. All visitors and guests must sign in and sign out.
  • Parents cannot walk their students to the classrooms in the morning. Children should be dropped off at the front door. There will be staff supervision to ensure students get to their classrooms safely.


  • The main office number is (319) 688-1110.
  • If you would like to speak with your child’s teacher, you can call the main office and leave a message, or email the teacher. They will return your call as soon as possible.
  • With classroom concerns, you should contact your child’s teacher first.
  • With general school concerns please contact Mr. Harnack. (319) 688-1110 or
  • A weekly parent newsletter with upcoming events and important information is sent home via email weekly. Please make sure we have an up to date email address and that you look it over every week. The newsletter will also be posted on the Hoover webpage.

We are looking forward to a great school year. We are excited to have students from so many different schools coming together to create a new learning community.

Principal Harnack