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Public Innovation and Efficiency (PIE) Award for Best Performing School of our size

Matt and Auditor of State

The Public Innovation and Efficiency (PIE) Award for Best Performing District of our size includes contributing factors in multiple categories such as:

Energy & Resource Efficiency

  • Conversion of district buildings to geothermal and associated HVAC updates through FMP 2.0
  • Reduction of emissions district wide by 45% between 2018 and 2021
  • Recycling program in place district wide
  • Engagement with the UNI Center for Energy & Environmental Education's Green Iowa Americorps Program
  • Computer and lighting settings are adjusted to conserve energy


  • Maintain a robust website and social media presence
  • Meeting agendas, minutes, and budget information are available online
  • School board contact information is posted online
  • Process for citizens to report problems anonymously

Community Collaborations

  • Utilization of 28E agreements with multiple entities to encourage sharing of resources and collaborative efforts
  • Collaborations with non-profit entities

Fiscal Efficiency 

  • Administrative costs substantially below state average
  • Implementation and expansion of cyber security protocols
  • Videoconferencing in use to reduce travel costs