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2019-20 Legislative Priorities

The Iowa City Community School District's 2019-20 Legislative Priorities were reviewed and approved by the Board. The approved priorities can be found below.

1. Supplemental State Aid must be Adequate and Timely
The Iowa City Community School District needs a 4.5% increase in SSA to keep up with ongoing cost increases that have averaged 4.4% per year for the past decade.

1a. Mental Health Services for Students
Ensure children get the mental health care they need. Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. children have a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder. School-based mental health care can include screening, treatment, and medication monitoring.

1b. Fully Fund 4 Year Old Preschool Instruction for Qualifying Students
Children never get a second chance at a good start and students that complete preschool are better prepared to become successful students.

1c. Career and Technical Education
There is a need for a state-wide initiative to increase access to Career and Technical Education (CTE). Districts need funding to offer CTE courses for students seeking alternatives to college.

2. Support for Climate Change Initiatives
There is a need for collaborative action between state and local governments and local school districts to educate, create awareness, and take action in regard to climate change.

3. Restoration of Chapter 20
The state of Iowa should be leading the country in attracting talent to our school districts. Restoring Chapter 20 will have a direct impact on the recruitment and retention of educators and morale within our schools.

4. No Vouchers
Vouchers are a diversion of public education funds to programs that do not have to follow Department of Education rules. All schools receiving any federal or state dollars should adhere to ALL federal and state rules and regulations.