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Resources for Parents

We understand that many parents and students are anxious and eager to continue learning at home during this period of school closure.  The Iowa City Community School District has developed and is continuing to enhance a list of optional resources to assist you in providing opportunities for your children.  You may access these resources at the following link:

ICCSD Student Enrichment Opportunities

Please understand that none of these activities are required; they are simply suggestions to assist you in providing learning opportunities for your child.  In addition, your child’s teacher(s) will be communicating with you and/or your child on a weekly basis, to provide more targeted information or to see what questions or needs you might have.  We will not be grading or requiring work for the majority of our District courses, but do want to assist you in helping your child maintain their current skills as well as provide opportunities for enrichment where possible.  You or your child should plan on hearing from your child’s teacher by the end of this week.

All students are entitled to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) which is the cornerstone of Individualized Education Program (IEP) services.  To this end, we know that anything we provide must be accessible to students with IEPs. Special Education teachers will be making contact with parents/guardians of students on their caseload to determine what supports are possible and necessary to enable each student to gain access to resources currently being provided. In some cases, planning these supports may require an IEP meeting. In other cases, a simple amendment without a meeting may suffice. Sometimes no revisions will be necessary. Teachers will also be letting parents know about resources that are only available to students with IEPs. Questions about this process can be directed to your child’s building principal.

We do have many students who have been engaged in coursework tied to college credit, and for those students, support and expectations will look different.  If any of these situations apply to your high school student, please read this carefully.

  1. Courses taken at the University of Iowa - The University of Iowa has transitioned all of their classes online for the remainder of the semester.  Your child should have received communication from their University professors and needs to continue to do all work required for these courses.  These courses will resume online Monday, March 30, 2020.
  2. Courses taken at Kirkwood Community College - Kirkwood Community College has transitioned all of their classes online beginning March 23 through April 10, 2020 (or through an extended closure).  Your child should have received communication from their Kirkwood instructors and needs to continue to do all work required for these courses.  This includes all academy courses and alternate concurrent courses.
  3. Courses taken in our high schools that earn Kirkwood credit - High school students who are taking Comp 1, Comp 2 or a PLTW courses need to continue to make progress in these courses so that college credit can be earned.  Our District instructors will communicate expectations for these students by Monday, March 30, 2020 and work will be provided online through April 10, 2020 (or through an extended closure).  Students will continue to receive assignments and grades for these courses, since these grades are part of their college transcript.
  4. AP Courses - The College Board is working to provide online testing options for students and will have more information available at their site on April 3, 2020.  The tests will cover content that was delivered prior to school closures. Students are encouraged to visit the College Board AP site to take advantage of their online course reviews.  In addition, our AP teachers and coordinators will be working together this week to develop a plan about how best to support our students with additional learning opportunities.  While we would encourage all students to take the exam, any student registered for an exam can cancel at no charge. If your child wishes to cancel, please email their high school AP Coordinator.  City High -;  Liberty High -; West High -
  5. PSEO Forms - Finally, if your high school child is planning to take a course from the University of Iowa next fall, while still enrolled in high school, they need to have their PSEO form completed and emailed to their counselor, or mailed to the Director of Curriculum at 1725 North Dodge Street, Iowa City, Iowa 52245 by March 30, 2020.  Your child should have been working on these forms prior to Spring Break and should have already met with a University Advisor to get their approval. Please contact your child’s counselor with questions. 

As an additional reminder, yesterday we provided information regarding computer and internet access for families that do not have access within their home.  If needed, please reference the communication from 3/23/20 for details on how to request this access.

We appreciate your patience as we have worked to gather, filter, and interpret the guidance we have received in regard to educational opportunities for students while schools are closed.  This has allowed us to appropriately determine our scope of available options and develop the plan to move forward.  Thank you.