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Information for Elementary Parents

We hope that you and your family are safe and well during this time of uncertainty and concern.  Please know that we are here to provide support for you in any way that we can.

Last week we developed and communicated a list of optional resources in the ICCSD Student Enrichment Opportunities.  We hope that you have found this document to be useful in providing activities for your children.  We’ve received some feedback that elementary parents are asking for more guidance in how to prioritize the activities listed.  We know that the time you have available to work with your children is limited and that you want to make it as effective as possible.

To that end, we are encouraging all elementary students, if they are able, to spend time engaging in two programs:  Lexia for reading and Dreambox for math. Both of these programs are adaptable to your child’s specific learning needs and require little direction from you or your child’s teacher.  In fact, the programs discourage parents from helping students too much, because the programs use student responses to adjust the lesson difficulty that is presented. So while you can support your child’s understanding of the concepts, we would discourage you from helping them answer specific questions while they are engaged in the online learning.

If you are unfamiliar with these programs, please read below to learn how to get started.

Accessing Dreambox and Lexia through the Clever portal:

In the next few days, your child’s teacher will be sending you information that will allow your child to log on to the Clever portal. Children will either need a Clever Badge or their school district email and password. Both of these can be provided by your child’s teacher, teacher librarian, or the Help Desk via email or phone (319-688-1950).   Once you have these, please follow the information in the link below to log in. 

Clever information for parents
Student Clever Experience (Video)

Getting started with Dreambox:

DreamBox Learning is an adaptive math resource that students can leverage to explore math skills relevant to their current learning level.  It is targeted for K-8 students. The grade level lessons focus on developing conceptual understanding, fluency and procedural skills, problem-solving and critical thinking.  

Your child may be very familiar with this online math resource from its use during regular school instruction.  This could also be the first time your child has used this product. In either case, your child will access the online math resource through the Clever portal or their school district email and password.  Your child’s teacher will be communicating directly with you about DreamBox Learning. Here is a letter directly from DreamBox Learning to you about this math resource. 

Single Sign On Parent Letter (English)
Single Sign On Parent Letter (Spanish)

Getting started with Lexia:

Lexia is an adaptive reading resource that students can leverage to explore reading skills relevant to their current level.  Lexia Core5 is targeted for K-5 students. The activities in Core5 focus on developing reading skills in six areas: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Lexia PowerUp addresses literacy skills aligned to college and career readiness standards for grades 6-8, while teaching the specific K-5 standards that are critical to building a foundation for grade-level proficiency. The program is broken up into three distinct strands that students work in concurrently: Word Study, Grammar, and Comprehension. 

Your child’s teacher will identify which Lexia product is appropriate for your child to use at home.   For both Lexia products, your child will access the online reading resource through the Clever portal.

Video: The Core5 Student Experience for Parents and Teachers
Resource Page: Resources and Information for families whose students are using Core5

Additional support:

We understand that this is a new process for all of you. If you need any support in accessing these resources, please reach out to your child’s principal, teacher, or teacher librarian. They are ready to help in any manner you need.

To reiterate, please understand that the District is not requiring any student participation at this time.  We know that the safety, health, and well-being of our students and their families is of utmost concern. These directions are simply meant to provide support for any family wishing to have their elementary child engage in online learning around math and reading.  As you are able, we would also encourage you to make time for other subject areas, utilizing the ICCSD Student Enrichment Opportunities guide to explore technology and non-technology ideas for your child. 

Also, please remember that if your child needs a Chromebook or wi-fi access in order to participate in these learning opportunities, you may request that here: LINK TO REQUEST STUDENT CHROMEBOOK AND/OR WI-FI ACCESS

We thank you for your continued partnership with us in helping your child through this time. Take care.  #ICCSDtogether