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Elementary Math and Reading Workbooks

We hope that you and your family are safe and continue to do well during this extended school closure.  Today, we have an update to share regarding the math and reading workbooks that we are providing to all elementary students. 

Math and Language Arts Workbooks
In our last update to elementary families we shared with you that we would also be offering reading and math workbooks as part of our Voluntary Continuous Learning Plan. The math workbooks are an enVision product that aligns with the current curriculum, but are different from the workbooks our students use in the classroom. These new workbooks are designed for home use to practice skills and do not require direct instruction by teachers.  We plan to keep our current classroom math workbooks for use in the fall when the students are back working with teachers. The selection of a Language Arts workbook was a bit more complicated since we are midstream in the adoption of a language arts program with some buildings using new materials and others continuing with our current series. The reading workbooks we selected for home use are from the Wonders series and complement the new program that 3rd-6th grade students will be working from next year.  We decided to also purchase Wonders workbooks for our K-2 students for home use due to the fact that neither our current K-6 series (HMH) nor our new K-2 series (Superkids) had a product that could be used independently of classroom instruction. In addition to providing the workbooks, our staff have created a table of recommended workbook page assignments for each of the remaining weeks of school, and have provided answer keys so that parents can check the work themselves.  

Workbook Distribution
The workbooks have arrived and we will be distributing these at each of our elementary buildings.  Pick up will be available on Tuesday, May 5th between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM.  Parents of all elementary children in grades K-6 should plan on going to your child’s school during this time, and follow the typical “car line” path.  You will simply drive up to the building (staying in your car), state your child(ren)’s name, and a staff member will bring the workbook(s) to you. Students need not be present during pick-up. (If you have time to create a sign with your children’s names and grades that you can hold up for the staff to see, this could help the car line move more quickly.) 

Elementary Suggested Daily Schedule
We have updated the voluntary Elementary Suggested Daily Schedule with the advent of the workbooks. We continue to encourage the use of DreamBox and Lexia as well. DreamBox usage is up from 41% in March to 64% during the week of April 20, 2020. Lexia is up from 26% to 57% during the same time period. The daily schedule references the ICCSD Student Enrichment - Spring 2020 document as well.  A few new additions to this document include links to spelling lists and math fact practice. 

All of the offerings are voluntary under our Continuous Learning Plan at the K-6 level.  Teachers are offering Zoom sessions each week as check-ins and for community-building activities. In addition, our teachers are offering support for the DreamBox and Lexia products. Moving forward, they will also be available to work with families and students on questions that may arise with the workbook pages that are assigned each week for reading and math. Please remember that since all of these options are voluntary, there is no need to turn in any workbook pages to your child’s teacher.  

We encourage you to visit the ICCSD Learning at Home page on the District website.  This page houses the information that has been shared with families over the past few weeks and offers translations into multiple languages if needed.  

We understand that each family’s circumstances are different, so we want to provide multiple at-home learning options to match your family’s needs.  We appreciate all that you are doing to support continued learning for our students.  If you have questions, please reach out to your building principal or your child’s teacher.  Take care and stay healthy. #ICCSDTogether