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Return-to-Learn Update (7/17/20)

This morning Governor Kim Reynolds provided new guidance for the reopening of schools in Iowa.  As a District, we were surprised by the abrupt timing of this announcement.  The Governor specified additional rules and restrictions that were not released in the previous Department of Education guidance that we have been working under to develop our Return-to-Learn plans.

We appreciate the collaboration, time, and efforts of so many of our teachers, administrators, support staff, ICEA representatives, and multiple community partners who have helped in the development of our Return-to-Learn plans. This work remains critical for our students’ success regardless of our model of instructional delivery. We will continue to work in a collaborative manner as we develop a plan that balances the health and safety of our students and staff with effective instructional practices.

Given today’s developments, we recognize that everyone is anxious to know the District’s next steps. We are working diligently to seek additional clarification around the new guidance that was provided today.  We are grateful that parent choice for virtual learning will remain an option for families.  We understand there are many within our school district community who are at risk and this will allow us some flexibility to better meet their needs.

Student and staff health and safety remain our priority while our community (and the entire county) continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.  We deeply appreciate the support and patience that has been provided during this trying time. We will provide an update next week as we continue to receive more information. As always, we are in this together and we will get through this together.  Take care.  #ICCSDtogether