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Return-to-Learn Update (8/19/20)

August 19, 2020, marks the final day for families to enroll in the ICCSD PK-12 Online Learning Program.  This program will be offered during the entire 2020-2021 school year. Parents will have a choice to opt in to or out of the program at the end of each trimester.  Enrollment into the online program is completed through the registration process in PowerSchool.  Complete registration information can be found on our Registration and Enrollment web page.

During the eRegistration process, families will have an opportunity to choose between the following:

  • Option A: Enroll the student, as normal, in a standard class section.  This section would follow our Continuum of Learning Models and may meet on-site, in a hybrid scenario (partially on-site, partially off-site), in a remote continuous learning scenario (off-site), or any combination of these throughout the year, depending upon current state guidance and local health conditions.
  • Option B: Enroll the student in the ICCSD PK-12 Online Learning Program, which will enroll the student in online coursework.

The District’s Board of Directors voted unanimously last night to begin the school year in the proposed hybrid learning model for students who have elected Option A above.  Families will receive information shortly regarding the A and B groupings of students.  The 8/18/20 Return-to-Learn presentation to the Board can be accessed on our Return-to-Learn website.  In addition, the District hosted two webinars on Monday evening to discuss the ICCSD PK-12 Online Learning Program.  As promised, recordings of the webinars were made for those who were unable to attend.  The recordings are available here:

8-17-2020 Elementary Online Learning Program Webinar
8-17-2020 Secondary Online Learning Program Webinar

As a reminder, the first day of school for Iowa City Community School District students is now Tuesday, September 8, 2020.  However, students who are taking classes through the University of Iowa or through the Kirkwood Regional Center (taught by Kirkwood instructors) will start their classes based on the scheduled start dates for both colleges.  The University of Iowa’s first day of classes is scheduled for August 24, 2020; however, we were notified this week that Kirkwood Community College has delayed the start of classes for all locations (including the Kirkwood Regional Center) until August 31, 2020 due to storm damage.

If you have any questions about the enrollment and registration process, please contact your child’s school.