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Learning Model Update (1/22/21)

Earlier this week, a bill was introduced in the Iowa Legislature that would require school districts to provide parents an option to send students to school five days a week. In the Iowa City Community School District, this means that the District would offer a five day a week in-person option (100% on-site model) and a 100% online option (ICCSD PK-12 Online Learning Program). The District would no longer offer the current hybrid option. While details still need to be finalized, we would like to provide some initial information for your consideration. Should the legislation be approved and signed by the Governor, families would be provided a multi-day window to decide whether their child(ren) will attend the on-site program or the online program. This choice is open to all families.  

While the District’s online program will continue to operate as is currently taking place, the on-site model will change. Most notably:

  • The District will be unable to ensure all of the health and safety protocols currently in place can be maintained. 
  • The District cannot guarantee social distancing of 6 feet between desks in the 100% on-site model. 
  • Class sizes will revert to previous standards (or possibly exceed these levels).
  • Changes could occur regarding your child’s teacher assignment and/or class schedule.
  • Details and processes for lunch, students moving between classes, elementary specials, recess, and other components of the student day are still being reviewed. 

While the bill is still being considered by the Iowa Legislature, the District is moving proactively in our preparation and planning. To assist us in these efforts, we ask that you please complete this three-question survey ( about your current thinking on which program you will select for your student(s). This is for planning purposes only. You will receive additional information and directions for making your official selection should the legislation be approved by the Governor. We appreciate your help and collaboration as we navigate this latest change to what has already been a unique school year. We will provide additional information as it becomes available.