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Borlaug Elementary's Ruth Temple

Ruth Temple  

Ruth Temple
2nd Grade Teacher
Borlaug Elementary School

"All three of my daughters have benefited from being students of Mrs. Temple.  The energy, enthusiasm, and nonstop commitment she has to her students is awe-inspiring.  She is always going above and beyond.  Nothing about her is an exaggeration.  She’s just that amazing.

She is organized.  Her students benefit from this organization because the expectations are so clear.  She is creative and open-minded.  She’s always enthusiastic about learning something new and finding a new way to help a student learn.  She models an extraordinary approach to lifelong learning.  In fact, over the summer she has sent Science updates to keep her students informed on the development of moths and give them reminders for reading and math work to do. She is understanding.  She knows that lives are complicated and she wants to work with families to support them and their children in learning.

Each of my daughters brought different gifts and challenges to the classroom.  Mrs. Temple always met them where they were and helped them gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.  I appreciate her and feel very grateful that my girls were her students.  She doesn’t do the work she does for recognition.  She does it because she cares."