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Wendell Johnson's Beth Weis

Beth Weis  

Beth Weis
Preschool Teacher
Wendell Johnson Preschool

"Ms. Beth was simply amazing the 2 years she taught our son. Teaching preschool has to take a special person as it is.  Teaching preschool for kids with special needs takes an extremely special person and that perfectly sums up Ms. Beth.  

She fought for our son to make sure he was getting the therapy he needed.  She kept on top of his progress and kept us informed of any setbacks he had.  We were so worried our son wouldn't be able to stay with Ms. Beth his second year.  We did everything we could to make sure he could remain with her.  We knew that he needed to be with her and in her classroom in order to reach all of his goals.  Without Ms. Beth at the helm, we feel our son wouldn't be where he is today.

Ms. Beth is an exceptional teacher.  She loves those kids like they are her own.  As we move on to kindergarten my son is exceptionally prepared all thanks to Ms. Beth.  There are not enough words to thank her for that."