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Twain Elementary's Danielle Murphy

Danielle Murphy  

Danielle Murphy
1st Grade Teacher
Twain Elementary School

"Ms. Murphy inspired my son to not only focus on the academic tasks of the classroom, but also the social.  She had a keen, compassionate way of creating community in the classroom, inspiring my son to reach out to peers and create friendships that will have a lasting impact on him and his classmates.  

We were surprised and grateful when, midsummer, my son received a letter from Danielle asking about his baby brother, his new cat, and his summer plans.  She included a self-addressed, stamped envelope for his reply, going above and beyond the requirements of her job of the academic year.  This has fostered not only a life-long love of learning, but, for my son and no doubt others, a real sense of how our love of learning is anchored in human connection, empathy, and compassion."