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Lucas Elementary's Troy Turnquist

Troy Turnquist  

Troy Turnquist
2nd Grade Teacher
Lucas Elementary School

"Mr Turnquist is an unbelievable teacher.  My son was in his class two years ago.  At the time, he was doing very well academically and socially.  Most teachers would have been happy with just this; but Troy recognized early on that he was capable of even more and really pushed for him to be a part of ELP, which has been a great experience for him.

However, I feel that EVERY student in "Mr. T's" classroom (as he is affectionately called) receives this attention.  During parent teacher conferences he takes time to discuss every aspect of a child's development--social, academic, emotional--always from a positive perspective but also not shying away from challenges.  Mr. T. has an incredible memory for students' work as he recalls even very small things that had occurred in class.  It is clear he cares deeply about each and every student and works hard to get the best out of them.  The culture in his classroom is exceptional--every student included, every student a leader, high expectations all around.

Mr. T. goes far above and beyond the work of a "good" classroom teacher.  I know he is in his classroom nearly every single weekend working to enhance the student learning experience.  He gives selflessly and without a second thought for the good of the Lucas community."