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City High's Alina Borger-Germann

Alina Borger-Germann  

Alina Borger-Germann
English Teacher
City High School

She is amazing.

I've had Mrs. B for two years and every single class was a different and amazing experience. Days begin normally; I would walk in, say hello to Mrs. B, sit down (or later on, stand; she is spearheading the 'standing desks' movement in City High). Then class starts. She gets SO excited during class readings. It was just so easy to get lost in the text because the figurative 'hole in the page' was widened by her enthusiasm. Class was really difficult, but it was the perfect difficulty; enough that we could improve (a LOT) in English, but easy enough that we wouldn't be inundated with work, and we could support our other classes.

Mrs. B has a notably requited love for her students. This highlights what a wonderful person Mrs. B is. She gets to know everyone individually; she always has time to make friends with us, and she doesn't talk down to us; like she knows that we're still human beings and not just standardized units of potentially downloadable knowledge. Plus, she's flexible; she won't force a deadline through, even if it means that she won't get enough sleep one night, because she will do anything, absolutely anything, to help her students. Mrs. B has set me on the path that I've dreamed of for most of my life."