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West High's Dominic Iannone

Dominic Iannone  

Dominic Iannone
Social Studies Teacher
West High School

"Mr. Iannone works incredibly hard on a daily basis to teach, help, and inspire every student he is in contact with.  Whether it is a student he has in class, a member of one of the clubs he very generously gives up time to sponsor, or a student at one of the summer camps in which he works.  In the classroom, he is an incredible, captivating, and effective teacher of his subject matter.  However, he doesn't only care about his students as students, but also as individual people.  He is the kind of teacher you run into in the hallway a couple of years after you had him, and when he asks how you're doing it's obvious he actually cares how you're doing. 

Mr. Iannone is a wonderful role model for the young adults he teaches, by continually displaying hard work and dedication, and interacting with classes in a caring, patient, optimistic, and helpful way.  He leaves a lifelong impact on his students; one that goes far beyond curricular material in a classroom."