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Mann Elementary's Karla Brendler

Mann Elementary Teacher Karla Brendler

Karla Brendler
Kindergarten Teacher
Mann Elementary School

"Ms. Karla, I don't know where to start. She has worked so exceptionally hard this year for each and every kid. My son started with little knowledge of letters/numbers. And now he reads! He does math in his head like a wiz! She understands him so well. Early on in the year she was able to know without us telling her that when he's tired/sick/or generally down that he gets a little emotional. For her to pick that up and understand each kid to the extent that she does is amazing. I imagine that is a fairly common response for kids, but she knew his version in such a particular way. It meant a lot to me.

She is always going the extra mile. Making flash cards for the kids who need the extra help.  She even made the transition for my younger son better. My 3 year old was distraught at leaving his brother every day. Each morning at the beginning of the school year he'd cry about having to leave him. He wanted to go with Ms. Karla so bad. She started to take the time out of every morning to say hello and talk to him. Now every day his face lights up when he sees her, and he rushes to hug her.  Ms. Karla has given our family an amazing start to school. She is a bright light. Just a joy!"