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City High's Matt Miller

Matt Miller

Matt Miller
Math Teacher
City High School

"Mr. Miller taught me Pre-Calculus Honors in 10th grade and A.P. Calculus BC in 11th grade. Mr. Miller went above and beyond to make sure every student understood what he was teaching and why he was teaching it. With each lesson, he would go into depth about the reasons behind his methods and real life applications of the math. Mr. Miller used technology and hands-on learning throughout each unit. He would make interactive sketches on the Smart Board of people riding bicycles back and forth to demonstrate the velocity of an object.   Mr. Miller did everything in his power to make sure his students understood all aspects of his lessons.

The most important thing about Mr. Miller was that he truly wanted every student to succeed. This meant taking into account the way each student learns and how he or she handles stress. Even though he held each student to the same high standards, he understood that some, including myself, needed help reaching his goals as a teacher and the student’s goals as a learner. Mr. Miller realized that even gifted learners, despite their high intelligence, have struggles, and he provided the tools each student needed to maximize his or her potential.

The 2015-16 school year was the first year Mr. Miller taught A.P. Calculus AB and A.P. Calculus BC--two of the most rigorous classes the Iowa City Community School District offers. He did not let being a first-time teacher of these classes get in his way.  He took the challenge in stride and executed it perfectly. Mr. Miller made sure to give the students adequate time to prepare for tests and quizzes. Also, he always made himself available before and after school, and during his open periods, for students seeking out extra assistance.

Mr. Miller is not only a highly talented educator, but he is also an extraordinary person.  He pushes students to achieve academically and supports their individual needs with empathy."