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West High's Karen Meyer

Karen Meyer

Karen Meyer
Math Teacher
West High School

"Ms. Karen Meyer was my 10th grade Algebra II Honors instructor.  I looked forward to her class every day.  Ms. Meyer was one of the best teachers I've ever had.  She was not only a fun teacher, Ms. Meyer made sure we always had an understanding of what we were doing, not just showing us the answer, but how to get the answer.  She made learning the process of math enjoyable.  Her classroom was "comfortable."  We all knew we could go to her for extra help.

Her classroom was built around reasonable, but high expectations.  Ms. Meyer knew that we had a lot going on in our lives besides just algebra.  Her rules about homework and studying were reasonable and she motivated us to get our work done by helping us to understand that the time you put into studying was valuable.

Not only did we learn about math in her classroom, she enhanced our appreciation of her class by telling a few personal stories which led most of us to personally connect with her as our teacher.  Through her stories she inspired us to keep learning and want to explore new opportunities.  For example, traveling and maybe studying abroad someday.

We became more invested in algebra because we became invested in Ms. Meyer.  I greatly appreciated her teaching style!"