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North Central's Sabrena Shields

Sabrena Shields

Sabrena Shields
Student & Family Advocate
North Central Junior High

"Mrs. Shields goes above and beyond her daily job duties. She started a girls group that meets over their lunchtime and also once a week after school. Both of my daughters were in the girls group with her. She also has done a mother/daughter luncheon for the group the past 2 years.

This past year Mrs. Shields started the first annual Diversity dinner for North Central Jr High. It was a great turnout! She also started a SSIKED group similar to the one at West High.  Mrs. Shields continues to mentor and meet with the first girls group she started, whose members currently attend West High. She spends so much of her free time outside of work mentoring and caring for so many students. I truly appreciate her! She has been a blessing in my daughter’s lives.

Sabrena loves her job. She goes above and beyond to help students and families. She promotes positivity amongst the students and is like a mom to all of them."