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Hoover Elementary's Meagan Ash

Meagan Ash

Meagan Ash
Music Teacher
Hoover and Longfellow Elementary Schools

"Meagan is a magician with children! She relates beautifully to students, which is the key to her well "choreographed" performances. I have seen her produce amazing music shows with K-2 age children. It is difficult to keep one class of young children working together and staying in rhythm. She can do two or three classes at the same time. Each child gets a special part, with a piece of equipment. Each class not only sings, but dances and plays instruments at their appointed times. The children have to know when to leave the risers, know where to go, know when to move, when to start their part, all the while singing and then dancing.

The choices for music are amazing. Some are in different languages, always well learned and are pleasant melodies for both children and adults. To do this Meagan has to have the children's cooperation, respect, as well as know how to teach to different abilities.  She does this with an ease that is amazing! I really can't say enough about her!"