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Shimek Elementary's Victoria Mueller

Victoria Mueller

Victoria Mueller
Shimek Elementary School

"Ms. Mueller has a tireless dedication to not only her class of 6th grade students, but the entire Shimek Community and all students throughout the ICCSD community.

As my daughter’s 6th grade teacher, she has created a cooperative relaxed learning environment that encourages the students to explore their lessons in a comfortable setting.  Allowing them to ask questions and further understand not only the curriculum, but the world in general.  Ms. Mueller has inspired my daughter personally to not be afraid of math and to express her love of it! She patiently allows the students to provide suggestions on how the better use their days at school to facilitate more efficient and effective learning. I cannot say enough about her as a teacher. To put it simply, Ms. Mueller is AMAZING.

For the Shimek Elementary Community, Ms. Mueller has taken on the All Shimek Carnival and Silent Auction. Ms. Mueller has spent COUNTLESS hours in preparation hand in hand with parents prepping for the carnival. At the end of the day, our community had the most successful carnival in history and broke the record for the largest amount of money raised for our PTO. Without her guidance, this would have never happened.

On top of being an excellent teacher and Carnival/Silent Auction Coordinator, she tutors students many nights a week and teaches Tae Kwon Do. To say that she is busy is an understatement. All of these efforts are for the betterment of youth and educating our future leaders."