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Borlaug Elementary's Meghan Meyer

Meghan Meyer

Meghan Meyer
Kindergarten Teacher
Borlaug Elementary School

"As the modified teacher at Borlaug, it is always my goal for my students to integrate and become part of the general education classroom to the greatest degree appropriate.  Mrs. Meyer goes above and beyond to create an inclusive and welcoming setting. 

Mrs. Meyer is one of those teachers that you find yourself wishing you had as a child, and hoping that your own children have as a teacher.  She is innovative in her use of technology, using SeeSaw, a message and picture-sharing app with each of her families.  She is explicit with her instruction, ensuring each child is having their individual needs met.  She also thinks outside the box, she uses action based learning strategies to give her students the movement opportunities they need to keep them focused and learning. She is always finding new ways to engage her students. 

Mrs. Meyer goes above and beyond to create a caring and welcoming environment.  She is thoughtful in ensuring her learning climate accurately reflects that of her diverse group of learners.  She ensures that each student feels valued, cared for, and respected.  I am so grateful to share students with her. As they learn, so do I."