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Lemme Elementary's Zachary Waite

Zachary Waite

Zachary Waite
5th Grade Teacher
Lemme Elementary School

"Mr. Waite is a great teacher. He always makes my class feel safe and kind of like they are at home. He always has a nice aura wherever he goes and is always helping students. When a student is having trouble he is always there to help out. He will sit down and not rush anything in a kind professional matter. When teaching he is pretty funny and makes students entertained so they don't get bored and is somehow still able to get everything done in an in-depth way. The quality of teaching is amazing. He does not let students get off task and rewards students who behave with points for their group that go towards prizes. He makes the room have a fun learning atmosphere and is always having positive interactions with his students. Around the end of the second trimester he challenged a student to a one on one basketball game, and if the student won, we got to pick desk pods. Let's just say they won and say Mr. Waite's skills were a lot worse than what I have seen in the past. Mr. Waite is also always very kind. He never bursts out at us and instead will just take away a few group points from who is misbehaving and that will usually calm us down. He always makes sure we get the best education possible and puts his mind, heart, and soul into helping us."