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Lucas Elementary's Chrissy Humrich

Chrissy Humrich  

Chrissy Humrich
1st Grade Teacher
Lucas Elementary School

"Going into 1st grade, my son had a very poor view of school. He was very nervous and anxious and it was difficult to get him out the door. On the last day of school, we had a very similar situation, for a totally different reason. He did not want to go to school because he was sad it was his last day, and he wanted to stay in 1st grade with Mrs. Humrich. This one instance speaks volumes to me as a parent. Mrs. Humrich has been so incredibly kind to both my son and me. There is nothing more important as a parent, than knowing that your child is cared for and loved at school. She supports him, worries about him and loves him regardless of his downfalls. She has been such a huge part of his success in school this year. Mrs. Humrich has a very structured classroom, but she never fails to treat each student as an individual and embraces their strengths to build on their weaknesses. She has been absolutely essential in changing my son's opinion about school and has been instrumental to his academic and behavioral success this year."