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Alexander Elementary's Mary Coughlin-Julian

Mary Coughlin-Julian  

Mary Coughlin-Julian
Alexander Elementary School

"We have had the pleasure of working alongside Mary Coughlin-Julian at Alexander for the last two years, where she is a paraeducator in our Resource program. Mary is hard to put into words, because we feel so fortunate to have her as a colleague and friend. She is the epitome of a team player; always willing to do whatever is needed, and volunteers herself for the most difficult tasks. She has this magic about her - everyone likes her, she sees the positives in ALL individuals, creates meaningful relationships, and makes you feel like you are truly loved and valued. She goes above and beyond - partnering with families for outside of school activities, mediating through difficult conversations, flawlessly implementing challenging behavior plans, and helping students build independence in their skills. She has worked with many of our most challenging students, and always embodies a fresh start throughout her day, so students can turn it around with dignity and without judgement to find success. Frequently, the difficult work she does on a daily basis goes unnoticed in the bigger picture, as it is not a whole classroom, or since our students still struggle with being below grade-level academically or having challenging behaviors. Alexander Elementary is a better place for having Mary, as are we."