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Mann Elementary's Yorik Aguilar-Rosales

Yorik Aguilar-Rosales  

Yorik Aguilar-Rosales
Mann Elementary School

"Yorik Aguilar-Rosales has been a mentor, an ally, a friend, and a voice for a non-verbal child. Yorik speaks flawless English and Spanish, but it is her fluent compassion that has connected her to the incredible student she serves. She cares enough to be consistent under the most difficult of circumstances, and when anybody else would feel like giving up, Yorik gives more.

This outstanding educator looks for creative resources on her own time, constructs organizational tools via her own instincts, and teaches social and academic skills from her own heart. With all of the changes that are thrown at Yorik through shifts in specialists, doctors, plans, weather, and circumstances in the life of a child, Yorik responds with a constant- her charge to do what is best. She knows what that is. She feels what that is. She demonstrates what that is unconditionally."