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Lincoln Elementary's Mary Halvorson

Mary Halvorson  

Mary Halvorson
Physical Education Teacher
Lincoln Elementary School

"Mary Halvorson is constantly going above and beyond for our students and staff.  She is hardworking, caring, and driven.  I have seen how she creates lessons that teach students not only to be active, but how to eat healthy and plan for lifelong fitness.  She has an amazing way of leaving a lasting impact on her students and the faculty around her.

My students did a writing project trying to write about someone they are thankful for, and an overwhelming number chose to write about Mrs. Halvorson.  I wanted to share some of their thoughts.  Here are a few pieces of the letters they have written to her:

“Ms. Halvorson has made P.E. so much fun for all the kids in school.  You make games fair, fun, and exciting.”

“Ms. Halvorson, I am so, so, so happy to have you here at Lincoln.  You are amazing for helping us to stay safe, be kind and stay healthy!!!!!!”

“You are the best P.E. teacher ever, and I am so thankful for you, and for all that you do.  And, I’m thankful for all the games you make up.  You’re the best in the whole world!”

“Here are some things that make you special to me.  You always make P.E. special and fun.  You always are helping us play safe and fair at recess.  AND you even teach us how to stay healthy!”

“I am so thankful that you help me feel included at recess.  You are so special to me!”

As you can see, Mary Halvorson means so much to our students and our staff.  She works hard, is kind, caring, and treats everyone she meets with respect.  She is the embodiment of our school’s mission, and I am proud to be her colleague."