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Lucas Elementary's Helene Volkert

Helene Volkert  

Helene Volkert
Instructional Design Strategist
Lucas Elementary School

"As our Lucas IDS, Helene has capably guided and supported our staff and students to achieve positive academic results. In fact, due to her leadership, Lucas as achieved the highest academic growth rate in the district! Our staff recognizes her professional expertise and is willing to follow her guidance and recommendations.

Helene is the epitome of a lifelong learner. She is an avid reader, and she is well-informed on research-based strategies and educational movements. She generously shares her knowledge through one-on-one conversations and professional development sessions. I know that when I seek her assistance with an instructional or behavior management concern, I will be treated with respect; she does not judge, but guides me to a more effective practice. Since she can find a silver lining in any situation, I leave our meetings feeling positive and energized. Helene is equally impressive in a professional development setting. She is always prepared to present, and she is comfortable addressing questions that arise during discussions. She is also able to go with the flow if there is a problem with technology, if a co-presenter is unable to attend, or any other unforeseen challenge is thrown at her that day. Her delivery style is positive, and her sense of humor is always evident. Helene is highly respected and appreciated by our staff.

Helene's ability to analyze data and form insightful connections is admirable. She truly has the best interests of every single student in mind when she confers with teachers regarding intervention ideas and next steps. She follows through by collaborating with teachers and by assisting with small group instruction to ensure that every student and teacher is supported, ensuring that they will soar to their highest potential.

No matter what challenge Helene is facing, she manages to find a bright side and move forward with a smile. Her interactions with students and adults are always positive and genuine. Helene is cherished by the Lucas community, and her influence has reached every student and teacher in the building. She is a rare gem, and she deserves to shine!"