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West High's Steve Gibson

Steve Gibson  

Steve Gibson
West High School

"I am nominating Mr. Gibson because he comes to school first thing in the morning dedicated to helping and improving not only student’s learning, but their day as well. He is one to make sure that you are in the most positive situation in order to keep you moving forward and to have the best possible understanding of everything that is going on. When working one-on-one with Mr. Gibson, students, including myself are able to set higher limits and expectations for ourselves with the encouragement and motivation that he gives. Within my four years at Iowa City West High School, working with Mr. Gibson has given me a better learning experience because of the help, respect, and acknowledgement that he has offered. I sincerely believe that my high school experience has made me a more eager and appreciative student, knowing that he has multiple students who look to him for guidance the same way I do. These past four years I have gotten to know Mr. Gibson more and more, I am grateful to say that I have been able to have such an amazing individual by my side who was here for me every day from the beginning."