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Twain Elementary's Lindsey Schluckebier

Lindsey Schluckebier  

Lindsey Schluckebier
School Counselor
Twain Elementary School

"Lindsey Schluckebier is the School Counselor extraordinaire at Mark Twain Elementary.  Lindsey exemplifies the Twain school motto of being respectful, responsible and caring in all of her interactions with students and staff.  In addition to teaching guidance classes and a host of other duties, Lindsey oversees the Twain Student Council, where she builds leaders in the school.

Lindsey heads up the PBIS committee at Twain.  She is constantly looking for ways to teach students to do the right thing and to give specific, positive feedback when they do.  She ensures that all staff understand the steps to make the program successful.

Perhaps Lindsey’s greatest asset is her ability to build relationships with students and staff.  She counsels many individual students with a variety of needs.  Students know they can approach her, and she will guide them through whatever situation they are struggling with.  Lindsey also provides strategies for teachers to use in the classroom to help students with their emotional needs.

Lindsey also works closely with staff Twain’s Student/Family Advocate and Behavior Interventionist to extend strategies she is teaching students in the classroom.  She keeps an open line of communication with these staff members to help Twain students as much as possible.

It is very emotional work, but Lindsey stays positive through it all.  She continuously looks for ways to keep morale high for both staff and students at Twain.  A sign outside her office door reads, ‘It is cool to be kind’.  It is such a simple statement but epitomizes Mrs. Schluckebier’s philosophy of what she wants for students and is modeled in all of her interactions."