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South East's Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly  

Brad Kelly
Student Advisory Center Coordinator
South East Junior High

"I have never seen him without a smile and he seems to have a natural ability to interact with all students so that each one feels special.  A specific example that I can share is that I had the opportunity to work with him keeping score at a jr. high basketball game.  A parent of one of the players delivered cookies and requested that I give them to the players after the game (she said we could have one as well).  So, I took a cookie and gave one to Mr. Kelly.  I ate mine right away, meanwhile, Mr. Kelly broke his cookie in half and gave two students who he had been talking to during the game each a piece of the cookie.  While this may have seemed insignificant, the two students didn't ask him for a cookie, but he gave so naturally.  Although, I don't have the privilege of interacting with Mr. Kelly on a regular basis, he has been a positive role model for my son since elementary school and my son has always respected Mr. Kelly.  When I do see him, he is typically with other students and it's apparent that he continues to have a remarkable influence for all students at SEJH.  Mr. Kelly truly shines each and every day."