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North Central's Latrenda Soukup

Latrenda Soukup  

Latrenda Soukup
Language Arts/Success Center Teacher
North Central Junior High

"There is a Chinese Proverb that says "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now."

Mrs. Soukup has been part of our son's academic journey for just two short years, but boy what an impact she has made during that time. Mrs. Soukup noticed that our son's academic challenges were not huge problems, but really just a handful of small issues.

Things that most kids did intuitively when in the classroom, like having an academic calendar and writing utensil at the ready at the beginning of class.  Highlighting the important parts of the test directions.  Most importantly, how to be self-advocating. I know these appear to be small little suggestions, but they paid huge dividends in our son's testing and classroom success.

The process took two solid years, which meant that even when our son didn't have Mrs. Soukup as a teacher, she still actively worked with him, dropping by success center and study halls; making sure he was still utilizing the strategies that the two of them came up with. 

But possibly even greater than the impact Mrs. Soukup had on our son's academic success, I think the imprint that she has made on him that he must try to "learn, lead, and succeed" in all aspects of his life might be the lesson that will take him farthest. 

Our son has told us several times that he feels that Mrs. Soukup genuinely cared about his education and success.  She challenged him to do hard things, and not be afraid to fail.  She encouraged him to follow his questions.  

I don't think we're not going to have to wait 20 years to see the fruits of Mrs. Soukup's labor.  I have great confidence we will see leadership, scholarship, and good citizenship, not only from our son, but also from the many other students Mrs. Soukup has impacted during her career."