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Twain and Wood Elementary's Eugene Malone

Eugene Malone  

Eugene Malone
Art Teacher
Grant Wood and Twain Elementary Schools

"Mr. Malone sees the beauty and talent in each child’s work.  Even when kids say that they can’t draw or are not artistic, Mr. Malone encourages them to the see the unique beauty in their projects. He ensures that every child gets an opportunity to be featured in the various art shows for the elementary school. In addition to all of this, he spends time getting to know his students and working to encourage them through difficult days just by giving them a compliment on their work, being a good helper or even news that they have shared with him in class."

"Mr. Malone also spends time getting to know the students and encouraging them even when they don't feel as though they have talent. My son unfortunately has my artist skills and can become easily frustrated when surrounded by other more talented kids. However, this year, I noticed a drastic change in him when it came to art. He proudly told me that his work was being presented in the Hancher Art show because Mr. Malone talked him through the project and reminded him that everyone has talent if they show the dedication and time it takes to create it."

"Mr. Malone takes time to listen to the students who are having a hard time in and outside of class. My child did not have many friends and was being made fun of. Mr. Malone found out and said that if anyone else bothers him to come and tell him. He even spoke to the other children to remind them that it is important to be nice to each other. It is important for our teachers to not only teach the kids but to also show how kind they can be too."