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Penn Elementary's Ashley Duthie

Ashley Duthie  

Ashley Duthie
5th Grade Teacher
Penn Elementary

"Ashley was a first-year teacher in 2018 and arrived in my sons’ 5th grade classroom with a level of energy and enthusiasm that was infectious. My boys came home every single day beaming and sharing stories about their school day. They wanted to do better, be better, learn more, help more, and her positive influence was the catalyst for that change in them.

I really enjoyed the photos and videos that Ms. Duthie posted daily on our seesaw page and at the conclusion of the school year, she complied those photos into an individualized video she presented to each child. It brought my entire family to tears. She loved those kids and they felt it. Her room was a safe and fun place for everyone! I loved how the kids worked together so often to solve problems and encourage each other.

However, the clincher was that she gave each child a self-addressed, stamped envelope so they could write her over the summer. My sons were so excited to tell her about their camps and hockey tournaments, family vacation, etc. They rode their bikes to the mailbox every day for a week checking to see if she wrote them back. I’ve never seen a child so happy to get a letter in the mail.

I could go on and on about the positive changes Ms. Duthie made in my children's' lives. She will forever be a part of our hearts and Penn Elementary hit the jackpot when they hired her."