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5th Grade Teacher Alissa Parker

Alissa Parker  

Alissa Parker
5th Grade Teacher
ICCSD PK-12 Online Learning Program

"My son had Ms. Parker for 4th grade at Hoover in 2019-2020 and she was an outstanding in-person teacher. The start of the school year was challenging for students as they adjusted to their new building, teachers, and the mix of new classmates coming from four different area schools. Ms. Parker was inclusive and innovative and did a wonderful job keeping the diverse group of children in the class engaged with learning.

Her investment paid off after school went online in March 2020. The class started off meeting once a week, but the children so looked forward to these meetings that eventually the class expanded to meeting three times a week. It was wonderful to see how many students signed on each day, either with their pillows and special drinks to hear Ms. Parker read Harry Potter to them or to play trivia games with each other.

Going to school was such a bright spot each week that we were sorry to see school end in May. Thus, we were THRILLED to receive Ms. Parker's email in August that she had signed on to teach 5th Grade in the ICCSD PK-12 Online Learning Program. Throughout the start of this challenging school year, Ms. Parker has gone above and beyond to provide a regular source of comfort to the students, recording video messages of encouragement each week to the class and also cheering them on individually by regularly sending emails personalized to each individual student. Not allowing students to falter from uncertainty and lack of structure, Ms. Parker provides clear schedules and timetables each week so that students know where they need to be and how to connect. I have been consistently amazed at the positive impact that Ms. Parker is having on these students simply by showing that she wants to see them in class. Having expectations clearly outlined and regular contact is allowing them not just to survive but to thrive. As parents, we could not be more grateful for the many ways in which Ms. Parker has gone above and beyond to make sure students feel cared for and included when it would be so easy for them to fall behind. She is a wonderful teacher and deserves to be recognized!"