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South East's Heather Crandall

Heather Crandall 

Heather Crandall
Family & Consumer Science Teacher
South East Junior High

"Ms. Crandall has always gone out of her way to ensure that students are learning in a fun, welcoming environment. She always starts the class with a smile on her face and a check-in, and I truly find Ms. Crandall a genuine educator. You can tell that she loves her job and how she loves students, and she truly cares for us.

Anytime someone asks me to think of a great teacher, Ms. Crandall instantly pops up in my head. Even if I only got to be in her class for one trimester, she has inspired me and other students to do our best in school with a smile. She encouraged us to try new opportunities, and always taught us important life lessons.

Another thing she did that makes her stand out was how she could remember students individually. If you told her your favorite color or other facts, she would remember it and distinguish students. I believe that this is really important, especially during online learning when the personal connection is not as strong. Even if it can be hard, Ms. Crandall does this flawlessly. She treats us like we are all special in our own ways and she makes the entire school shine!"