Charlie Eastham

Charlie Eastham Charlie Eastham


Term expires: 2023

Charlie lives with his wife, Karen Fox, in Iowa City. Their children, now well into adulthood, attended Longfellow, South East, and City High. Charlie attended high school and the local community college in his hometown in Texas before enlisting in the U.S. Navy. After his military service, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Texas Christian University and then served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Malaysia before coming to Iowa City in 1971 to attend the University of Iowa Law School. Charlie retired in 2007 after holding a professional and scientific staff senior research position in the Department of Internal Medicine and subsequently a computer consultant position in U.I. Hospitals and Clinics Health Care Information Systems. Eastham has been a member of the Equity Committee, the Center for Worker Justice, and The Black Voices Project. The experience gained from working with these groups will be applicable to addressing social and racial justice challenges as a member of the school board.