Does the District charge a fee for fulfilling a public records request?

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It depends on the time needed to fulfill the request and the amount of material associated with the request. The District has developed a fee schedule for fulfilling public records requests, which is in compliance with Iowa Code §22.3. District fees are as follows:

Retrieval, Review, and Supervision Fee: $25.00 per hour, rounded to the nearest ¼ hour

Search of Email Archives:   Initial $25.00 fee for email search, additional $25.00 fee for every hour beyond the initial 60 minutes, rounded to the nearest ¼ hour. The standard email archive search takes approximately 90 minutes; the district will waive the initial $25.00 fee for searches that take less than 60 minutes.

Photocopy/Scanning Fee: 1 –19 pages: No Charge, More than 20 pages: $.15 per page (including for pages 1-20)

Mailing Fee: Actual Costs

The District will inform the member of the public making the request of the anticipated cost of filling the request throughout the public record request process. The District requires pre-payment of any and all fees prior to the public records being made available for inspection or being delivered to the requester.