Ours girls basketball team is headed to state!! Important information for this event is below.  If there are questions, please contact Terry Coleman (


Pep Bus

We are going to try to fill pep busses for our first round girls basketball game vs West Des Moines Valley.  Since the game is on Monday and we will be leaving at 9:15am, permission slips must be in on Friday by 1:00pm so that we may secure busses for the trip. The permission slip is attached to this email.  Cost is just $15 to cover the ticket to the game and transportation.


Game Location & Time

Location: Wells Fargo Arena: 233 Center St, Des Moines, IA 50309

Game Times: Monday- 11:45am. If we continue winning, next round games would be: Thursday- 10:00am, Friday- 6:00pm


Wells Fargo Arena Ticketing

All tickets are general admission for $10. Wells Fargo Arena does not accept checks. Advance tickets are available for purchase either the day of the game at the Wells Fargo Box Office, by telephone at 866-553-2457, or through the Wells Fargo website ( 



Spectator Seating

Home team spectators (BEST OR TOP SEED (IF #4 AND #5 PLAY, #4 IS THE BEST OR TOP SEED) should sit on the team bench side of the arena. Visiting team spectators (LOWER SEED) should sit across from the team bench in the arena. For our first game vs West DesMoines Valley City High is the HOME TEAM.


Spectator Parking

Individual vehicle parking is available in the lot immediately north of Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center. The lot charge is $7. Other parking options include parking ramps at 7th and Crocker, 5th and Grand, and 4th and Locust. A map showing access to Wells Fargo Arena, on-site parking, downtown parking, and skywalk routes is located at the following web site: (


Spectator Attire & Conduct

Please notify your students and patrons that shoes and shirts are required for admittance to all IGHSAU indoor events. No masks or apparel presenting a safety concern will be permitted. Anyone wearing clothing that is obscene or objectionable will be asked to change the clothing and/or may be required to leave.

Any of the following actions will result in ejection of the offender from the premises:

  • Disrespectful conduct, including verbal or written profanity, obscene gestures or comments,
  • offensive remarks of a sexual nature, or other vulgar actions that demean individuals or the event.
  • Throwing articles onto the contest area.
  • Entering the contest area in protest or celebration.
  • Physical confrontation involving contest officials, coaches/directors, contestants, or spectators.
  • Spectator interference with the event.
  • Use of laser light pens.
  • Use of artificial signs, banners, and noisemakers (air horns, cowbells, keys, thunder sticks, megaphones, etc.) is prohibited.

(First offense = Warning. Subsequent offense = Ejection.)


Video & Photography

Photography is permitted in the arena. Spectators may video as long as the equipment is handheld or using a mono-pod (no tripods), the taping is done from a ticketed seat, and no external power is utilized. Photography or video shot for resale or redistribution is strictly prohibited.