Meeting Minutes 8-9-17

Little Hawks Club Board of Directors Meeting 8/9/2017        

Meeting called to order at 7:07 p.m. by Doug Fredericks, President.

Meeting Minutes:
Motion made by Ron Knoche to approve minutes as written. Seconded by Liz Loughran. Approved. 

Treasurer’s report: Neal Hunger: no report 

  • New Business: Fall Kickoff Friday August 18th. Carrie Watson/Ursula Fellows-concern from the National Guard regarding needing electricity and setting up on the turf. Variety of games. Sign up genius is made and will be going out tonight. Will need help with concessions set up/clean before the event as well. Tuesday August 15th set for concession clean up.
  • Committee Chairs along with Concessions/Gate keeping Sign up Genius Owners (see below for those who were in charge last year and review if still willing to fill the task this year)- Review of document for explanations & needs. See document for updated names. Need a vice president along with a few more open slots. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE OFFICER & COMMITTEE DESCRIPTIONS
  • LHC Board By Laws Vote- review of bylaws themselves and the proposed amendments. Fix spelling of South East. Changes will be made and new version emailed to group along with placing on website. Motion made by Carrie Watson to approve. Second by Kapra Hefley. Approved.
  • Website & Online membership site (Spectator)-Team Spectator. Needs to be updated but will be online before Sept 1st. Other temporary option to get a database built would be to start a google form. It goes right into a spreadsheet and upload to Spectator when it’s ready. Do we have a way to get membership information to those that want to donate but don’t have children going to school and in athletics. Carrie has reached out to the alumni group to get some data from them as well. There are those that don’t have emails and will need the membership form. Will research past membership and donor recognition posters to get lists. Also need to research getting our club on the online registration site to get new members or recurring members that have student athletes. Liberty Booster Club has a very nice, interactive website.
  • Goals for ’17-18- postpone discussion on goals for next meeting since this meeting took so long.

Old Business: no report

Committee Reports

Membership: Knoche: Ron will send out a sign up genius with slots for registration days. Need laptop and Ipad. Fall sports night, Aug 31st at SEJH. Attendance might be lower due to the ability to pay fees online but it’s important for our club to make a presence. 

Spirit Items: Kapra Hefley/Kevin & Holly Bailey: Sign Up genius out for Football spirit table sales. There will also be a presence of Spirit Wear at registration. Spirit Store link on website for online orders. Great new items for this year. 

Fall Kick Off: -Carrie Watson/Ursula Fellows: see above 

Concessions / Gatekeeping:

Football:: Ron & Danelle Knoche/Doug Fredericks: Sign Up genius to go out when available

Volleyball:: Carrie Watson: changing to just one gate keeper at volleyball, basketball.

Girls Basketball: needs filled

Boys Basketball: Bronwyn Threlkeld: no report

Wrestling: Liz Loughran no report

Soccer: Carrie Watson no report

Track: LHC Covers no report

Softball: Doug Fredericks no report                      

Concessions: Danelle Knoche: Request to purchase an instant hot chocolate machine for the concession stand at $1161.00. Motion to approve by Ursula Fellows. Second by Liz Loughran. Approved 

Pancake Day: Carrie Watson/Anna McComas: Date for next year April 14th, 2018? 

Walk of Honor: Liz Loughran: no report 

Booster Club: Doug Fredericks/Ursula Fellows/Rob McComas: Chris Varo has graciously offered to join as we need 4 representatives this year. Jim Albright is the president this year. Thinking about changing the time of meeting to 7 a.m. since he works in Cedar Rapids. 

Slamfest: Knoche/: no report other than need for another chair to help out and possibly take over duties.

  • Athletic Director’s Report: Terry Coleman Terry has some money from sales and concessions. Terry is asking if there would be any interest in a bond referendum listening post hosted by the club? Perhaps associate with the Fall Sports kickoff? Discussion had on pros and cons and ultimately it was thought that it would be in our best interest to not have one hosted by the club but we could have the public informational posters/fliers displayed or available. As long as we did not show bias towards one group or the other. 

Notable Dates:

Next Board Meeting September 13th 7 p.m.

Fall Sports Kickoff August 18th

First Home Football Game Friday September 1st 

Chili supper fundraiser after Homecoming Parade this year.

Motion to adjourn byUrsula Fellows and seconded by Kapra Hefley.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:42 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Anna McComas.