Kristin Baumgarth

"Kristin Baumgarth is an experienced, highly professional and deeply caring teacher. During a tough day, Kristin will provide an extra fun play center for the on task kids, and then she seeks out the students that are emotionally stressed. She sits on the floor with each child one on one and literally meets them at their current emotional state and gently teaches them how to get back to a positive state so they can learn again. I admire how Kristin can come to school EVERY single day with a calm, happy, fresh new great day attitude, NO MATTER how challenging the students' behaviors were the day before. She also beautifully sings instructions and has many fun and sometimes silly ways to get the students attention. Kristin Baumgarth deserves a Shine award every day!!! #FINESTGREATESTBEST" (Kristin Baumgarth, Teacher, Garner Elementary School)