Joan DePrenger

"Joan DePrenger is the librarian at Horn Elementary School, and without her, there wouldn't be as much sunshine in our days. Besides being a librarian, she is a teacher, mentor, friend and more. She always makes sure kids have what they need, and if there isn't a book in the library that a child or staff member needs, she will go out of her way to find it and make suggestions for good reads. Students love going to library with her, her technology skills are amazing and she is always teaching the latest programs to the students. Due to the large population of students at Horn celebrating or observing Ramadan, she invited the students who are fasting to come to the library during their lunch time. There, they can play games and do other activities instead of waiting for lunch time to pass. She volunteered her time because she cares so much about the students and wants them to be comfortable. Joan is amazing and anyone who gets to work with her is very lucky!!!" (Joan DePrenger, Teacher, Horn Elementary School)