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Ready to Enroll Your student? 
We're so happy you're here!

We've got quite the lineup of schools for you: 20 preschool sites, 20 elementary schools, three middle schools, three comprehensive high schools, and an alternative high school. We also have additional learning options, including our virtual learning program with ICCSD Online, our Home School Assistance Program, and our Transition Services Center.
Here's the info both new and returning families need for enrollment. To our brand-new families, a big warm welcome! We're so thrilled you picked us! And to our returning families, welcome back! We're here to help you navigate the registration process, one step at a time!

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I wanted to get into something that would have a lasting impact. The biggest reason I got
into education is to make a difference. Teacher

The reason I want to be a teacher is because all of my teachers have had a lot of fun in my class with me and I want to make school as fun as it was for me for others when I grow up. Student

I hope students can walk away from my classroom feeling like they belong to a classroom community that is positive, fun, exciting, and collaborative. I hope they remember not only what we did as a community but also that they were an important piece of that classroom and that learning can be fun.Teacher

We had this pep assembly and there was this one moment when we were all screaming songs together and that just makes me so happy. It just reminds you of the tightness that the school community holds. Student

One of my favorite things about school was when I got to go to James Theater. I got to watch
ballet and it was kind of like Peter and the Wolf. Student